Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rain makes me think of Spring, Spring makes me think of Baseball and Baseball makes me think of the Twins at Target Field

For any of you living in the Twin Cities right now, you know that this October has been one of the rainiest on record and the weather has been more typical of early March than of early fall... what does that mean in terms of my love of baseball?

Rain makes me think of Spring... Spring makes me think of baseball... Baseball makes me think of the Minnesota Twins at Target Field!

I know that it may seem a little early to be thinking about the 2010 Minnesota Twins Season, but trust me its not! Target Field Tickets are going to be the hottest stocking stuffer this year, mark my words (hint, hint for anyone buying me a gift this year... I would love MN Twins Tickets!) If you aren't planning on buying tickets to Target Field for gifts but are still just a little curious about all the buzz, check out the video below of images from Target Field and think, in just a few short months we will be having warm rain that will signal the start of baseball and the opening of Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

If the Minnesota Twins had made the 2009 MLB Playoffs instead of the NY Yankees

We could have seen more of these MN Twins hug fests if we had beat the Yankees If the Minnesota Twins had made the 2009 MLB Playoffs instead of the New York Yankees
1) I would not be blogging right now, but instead I would be doing everything in my power to beg, barter, steal, and seek out as many Minnesota Twins Tickets as possible because there is NO way I would have missed a moment of that game

2) We would not have to watch A-rod any more than we already have (this guy makes me crazy.. something about his attitude and mentality :( How he is with Kate Hudson is beyond me!)

3) We would still be watching Joe Mauer (my future husband) on a regular basis

4) I could have been continuing to ignore the impending Winter Season a few more weeks

and 5) The Minnesota Twins would have had a chance at a WORLD SERIES TITLE... if we had beat the New York Yankees, but we didn't...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thanks for the Memories Twins, the 2009 MN Twins Season comes to a close but fans have LOTS to look forward to!

The Minnesota Twins 2009 Baseball Season has come to a close.

First I want to say a big Thank You to the Minnesota Twins Roster, you guys are the best! Despite our sometimes love-hate (you love me, I hate that I can't love you because you make me mad) relationship.. you guys worked really hard this season! Joe Mauer, you deserve the MVP title and I can't wait to see you at Target Field (if you want to meet up before then, I'd be ok with that too!)

Secondly, readers and fellow Twins Fans: TARGET FIELD and OUTDOOR BASEBALL is finally on the horizon. Now that we've paid due homage to the HHH Metrodome, we can get really excited about how outdoor baseball in the Twin Cities. I know that our weather isn't ideal and I know that you are probably thinking, what is Minnesota Twins Baseball without a Dome Dog, but I think it will be great! Baseball is meant to be outside and for as much as I LOVE the Dome, I think I'm going to LOVE Target Field that much more!

So until next season, the posts will probably slow down a little, but rest assured knowing that any breaking MN Twins news will be found here first! Also, check here as news about Twins Tickets for Target Field is released

What a season!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Minnesota Twins vs. New York Yankees Post-Season Series wrap up

MN Twins pitching to the NY Yankees
So I'm no longer crying or yelling "what are you doing!?!" and am ready to re-cap the Minnesota Twins short postseason. In a 3 game series with the New York Yankees, the Minnesota Twins went from hero (winning the AL Central) to "zero" (notice I use quotes because even if my boys never won another game the Minnesota Twins will always be my favorite baseball team). Because watching the games wasn't hard enough, here is a brief re-cap of all 3 games.

Game One: Twins vs. Yankees in New York

Less than 24-hours after the insane win against the Detroit Tigers to clench the AL Central League title, the Minnesota Twins roster flew to New York to take on the Yankees. The first thing that I want to point out is that the Yankees had not played in 3 days, my Twinkies were tired... they were not. The game started out ok with both teams making their first runs in the 3rd inning and holding strong at 3-3, that's when things went down hill. In the 4th, 5th and 7th innings the Yankees scored unanswered runs, ending the game after the top of the 9th with a 2-7 score. Minnesota Twins fans were hopeful though that the loss was just nerves and the next game would be better. False

Game Two: Twins vs. Yankees in New York

After a day of rest, Twins Fans everywhere we excited to see their boys come out strong, and for the first 5 innings it felt ok... we weren't scoring, but we weren't letting them score either. Then in the 6th both teams brought players to home plate. In the 8th the Twins had 2 runs that went unanswered, Twinkies fans held their collective breath and dared to dream that we would beat the Yankees in Yankee Stadium...note I said DARED, we did not take down the baseball version of Goliath. Game Two ended 4-3 them.

Game Three: Twins vs. Yankees at the HHH Metrodome, can you feel the excitement?!

In game three the Twins returned home to one of the most excited home field crowds you could hope for, but it just didn't prove to be enough. After 9 innings of gasping, screaming and yelling the New York Yankees won the Twins/Yankees 2009 postseason series and ended the Minnesota Twins 2009 baseball season. Not before, hometown hero Joe Mauer was placed on the MVP list and fans got one last chance to say goodbye to the Dome.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

You Win Some, You Lose Some... The MN Twins take the Detroit Tigers to clench the AL Central Title and then lose the Yankees in Game One

It has been a HUGE week for the Minnesota Twins (and by week I mean two days). For any of you out there that simply aren't Twins fans and live without a TV, Radio, Newspaper or Internet... THE MINNESOTA TWINS WON THE AL CENTRAL DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!

In a nail biter that went into extra innings (12 innings to be precise) the Minnesota Twins won game 163 and took the AL Central Championship. The win really came down to strong pitching (something most Twins fans didn't think they would ever see) and a couple of critical at-bats. Probably the most dramatic and crucial play was Carlos Gomez's winning run from second base ending with a face first slide into home to clench the 6-5 win for my boys!

And now for the sad and disappointing... After a "lose your voice because you were screaming so loud that we won" game on Tuesday, the Minnesota Twins ventured to New York to take on the Yankees. Lets leave it at it WAS NOT pretty. The end score was 2-7, and we played like it... I can't really fault my Twins playing off of NO ENERGY after going 12 innings the night before and then traveling to New York. Scoring both of their runs in the 3rd inning and then not being able to answer back after that really just goes to show that my boys were tired and that they need a break if we are going to have a prayer. That break is coming tonight with the next game Friday in New York at 5:00, the game will be televised on TBS.

Preview the Minnesota Twins come to the Metrodome on Sunday to play game 3... Twins Tickets are getting close to sold out, I found some seats left online but they will go fast too! Lets Go TWINKIES!!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Can you sense the tension? A Huge Minnesota Twins Detroit Match-up this afternoon!

This is it Twins fans... our last chance at grasping the AL Central title. If (when, I'm thinking positively) the Minnesota Twins can pull it off tonight in the HHH Metrodome, we will take the AL Central Championship title and go on to face the Yankees.

Things to watch for tonight...

1)Strong leadership out of Joe Mauer, fans and the coaching staff are calling for our hometown boy Joe to be this seasons MVP. A good game from Mauer would clinch that for sure
2) Crazy fans... we all thought that we already had the LAST HOME SERIES EVER, this is like extra presents on Christmas and the Minnesota Twins fans are eager to unwrap them, who doesn't want to eat one more Dome Dog?
3) The Minnesota Twins Roster to keep the rally that no one thought was possible happening. The MN Twins are the first team to be in the position of coming out of being 3 games back with 4 to play... If the Twins finish the rally, they will be the first team in Major League History to do so.

The Game starts at 4, Lets go Twins! If they twins win tonight, look for a huge rush on Minnesota Twins Tickets... my advice, buy your Twins Tickets now!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Minnesota Twins have one more chance to beat the Detroit Tigers this afternoon

It's hard to be a Minnesota Twins fan right now. I think I've done it to myself, I was so optimistic at the beginning of the Detroit Tigers - Minnesota Twins series, I really thought that my boys had a series sweep in them... with the post season on the line, I thought that the Twins would play their hearts out... not so much.

While there hasn't been an overwhelming, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? moment that I can point to and say.. right there, that's when we lost it, I don't think that matters. After a great win on Tuesday morning, the Minnesota Twins lost the second game on Tuesday 5-6 and Wednesday (yesterday's game) 2-7.

The Twins face the Tigers for the last time today at 12:05. What I'm looking for is the Twins to redeem themselves. I want to see the Twins Roster play hard and end up on top. The way I see it, if the Twins can win today and then sweep the Kansas City Royals in their last home series at the Metrodome and the Tigers lose the rest of their games, we could still see the post season. So I'm cutting this post short so that I can be in front of the TV for the first pitch and I intend on sending as much Twinkie Love to my boys as possible, I would like you to do the same!

Check back next week for a game re-cap and previews for the KC Royals series!