Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Justin Morneau is now a Married Man

This Minnesota Twins fan is in mourning over the recent marriage of my all-time favorite first baseman, Justin Morneau. Yes, ladies Mr. Morneau is officially off bachelor status after getting married in Edina last Saturday to Minnesota girlfriend Krista. Mr. and Mrs. Morneau held their wedding reception at the Landmark Center in St Paul – part of me thought of crashing the party or digging out the black funeral dress and veil and just standing across the street with a sign that says "I am in mourning over Morneau." Ok, that is crazy talk – I know. Justin’s former roommate and Twins buddy Joe Mauer was a groomsman and a bunch of other Twins players attended the big wedding including Nick Punto, Mike Redmond, Boof Bonser, Pat Neshek, and Twins manager Ron Gardenhire.

I was sad that I didn’t get my invite and even sadder that my dreams of marrying Justin Morneau are over, but no worries I won’t be pulling a Madonna anytime soon - ha ha.


Anonymous said...

Its cool that your married, know its time to say good luck with the new wife. I was able meet Mike Redmond and Matt Gairrier I thing that right , but anyway my family met those guys nast night in Wadena at the Elks on the carevan.
It was great time. Have a great season. Talk to later.

Cortney said...

Gross. Ok I'm being mena. But you've heard the stories ;-) At least Joe is still a bachelor!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Morneau met that chick wile he had a woman living in his AZ house. Kinda f'd up. Hope he's still taking care of the other woman. haha.