Thursday, October 06, 2011

2012 Minnesota Twins Will Rally

The Minnesota Twins sent out an email to season ticket holders this past weekend.

The email summarized what every Twins fan agonized through this past season; the email summarized everything that we already knew. The Twins were terrible this year and could claim few positive events: Liriano's no-no, Revere's 'web gem' of a catch as highlighted by ESPN, Thome's 600 HR, Blyleven's HOF recognition and Nathan's 255th record save. Yes, all were incredible, but we would be lying to ourselves if we said it wasn't easier to focus on the 99 losses.

To be frank, the email upset me in a pissed-off kind of way. It was too soon. I'm still too mad and too disappointed. Some would say I'm overly competitive and some would say I need to learn to let go. I'm not saying those people are right because I consider my competitiveness and keen memory to be assets, but perhaps I should be focusing on next year.

Unfortunately, the injuries were too much and the losses too heartbreaking. I was disappointed beyond words, making this post tough to formulate. Our sights were high heading in and so blocked by the end, it seemed as though the whole organization was drowning.

Twins fans deserve better. We deserve the commitmentduring the offseason in order to prevent injuries. We deserve honesty from players about their conditions. We deserve more than disappointment. We deserve Division Champs.

The Twins will rally? They damn well better.

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