Thursday, August 27, 2009

Minnesota Twins winning streak comes to an end

Twins catcher tagging an Orioles player out
For all of you Minnesota Twins fan who watched the game last night, you know that the 5 game winning streak our boys were riding came to an end last night... for those of you who missed the game and the morning paper, I'm sorry I had to break the bad news.

In a heartbreaking loss against the Baltimore Orioles, the Twins gave up 5 runs and only answered back with 1, leaving Twins Fans everywhere questioning if the our Twins Roster has the stamina to hold out in a long series without a break... though if the losing continues we won't see a postseason series long enough to wear us out.

Thankfully, the Twins have the night off before returning to the Metrodome this weekend to take on Texas. My hope, they all call it an early night and pull together whatever it was they let drop and scatter last night. The Minnesota Twins are still ranked 3rd in Central Division, but lets be honest, we would much rather see ourselves in the 1st or 2nd spot.

With 6 home series left and just as many road series, a move up in the standings and a better bid at the postseason is within our grasp... we just have to want it a little more. Speaking of wanting though, with just 6 series left Minnesota Twins Tickets are going to start to be very hard to find, if you plan on catching the Twinkies in the Metrodome one more time, I suggest buying tickets now!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Minnesota Twins vs. Texas Rangers could be first 3 game sweep in weeks

Although the rain this week in Minneapolis would have you thinking that it was either the beginning or end of the baseball season, mid-summer baseball has been in full swing in Texas this week and it seems that all my Twins needed was a little warm weather to remind them that they are a winning ball club that CAN play on the road.

After a disappointing end to July and early August, the Twins proved this week that they can be the team we all know and love. On Tuesday night in Texas the Minnesota Twins beat the Rangers 9-6 and then came back yesterday to hand it to the Rangers again with a final score 5-4. If the the Twins can pull out a third victory tonight (the play @7:05 CDT) this would be the first 3 game sweep since the played the Chicago White Sox in July.

With Mauer's batting White-Hot right now and Morneau on the mend this could be just the jump start the Twins need to take them through the rest of the season. Watch the Twins play the Rangers tonight at 7:05 Central Time.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just when you were ready to give up on the Minnesota Twins

So yesterday's post was a little harsh, now I'm not taking back what I said... sometimes I think the Twins need a little tough love. Instead, I'm going to use positive reinforcement and commend my boys on the awesome turn-around they pulled out yesterday. After losing on Tuesday to the lowest-scoring team in the American League, the Twins fought back last night and beat the Kansas City Royals 7-1. In a game that restored the hopes and faith of the loyal Twins fan base.

A large contributor to last nights win was Francisco Liriano. The left-handed pitcher who hasn't been performing very well this season stepped out of the bull pen last night relaxed and ready to play. Liriano told a reporter, "I didn't try so hard, didn't try to make perfect pitches, that's the main thing. I tried not to overthrow." Whatever he was trying worked and I for one would like to see him try it again today. GO Twins!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Twins Fans hang their heads in disbelief

In baseball when there is a total shut-out, fans of the losing team like to blame the other guys. Often you will here them say things like, "They are just untouchable this season" or "Have you been watching how they hit on the road, its crazy" or "They brought it tonight, we never had a shot"... most of the time these justifications make you feel a little better about your own team and the big ole' L they just posted...

But when the WORST team in the American League not only beats you, but spanks you at home, as a fan you might as well just shut your mouth and hang your head in shame. Needless to say for anyone who watched last night's Twins game, Miguel Olivo and the Kansas City Royals handed it to us.. and then they did it again, and again, and then a few more times for good measure. Astute Twin's fans should have known that when Olivo's first 3 at-bats produced a triple, a homer and a single that we should have called it a night then. No such luck, the Twins sucked it up all night and posted a 6-14 final score against the KC Royals who have been the lowest-scoring club all season, go figure.

Lets just say that if tonight and tomorrows games don't go better, I'm one Twins fan who will be going into the fan relocation agency first thing Monday morning... GO TWINS (I guess?)