Thursday, May 07, 2009

Twins Baseball Frustrating

Todays Pioneer Press Minnesota Twins headline;

"Ron Gardenhire rages after Minnesota Twins end up on short end against Baltimore Orioles"

Gardy isn’t the only one raging. I can’t believe how terrible the Twins luck has been lately. Whether it’s the conspiracy to shorten games in the home teams favor due to bad weather (Baltimore last night) or the flukey bounces of the ball lately that have caused some embarrassing fielding errors for the Twins, not to mention the terrible pitching which doesn’t look anything like it did in spring training.

It just seems nothing can go right for the Minnesota Twins lately (except for baby Jesus Mauer coming back) – Twins baseball is so frustrating….then again, I think that is just the destiny for a Minnesota sports fan in general…FRUSTRATION.

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